Fieldbuilding presents an opportunity for peacebuilders in the region and beyond to actively come together as a Field and build collective solidarity. 

We create space for discourse among stakeholders in civil society peacebuilding in Israel-Palestine: activists, researchers, journalists, donors, nonprofit professionals, volunteers, movement builders, and political strategists. Discourse facilitates the coalescence of disparate yet interlocking efforts into a Field that is equipped with a shared language and knowledge base. 

We seek:

  • To provide space for stakeholders in peacebuilding to articulate and discuss what constitutes peacebuilding—its approaches, aims, priorities, impact, and limitations—in the post-Oslo era. 
  • To observe developments unfolding in the Field and promote discussion of them for the purpose of collective ideation and action. 
  • To create a knowledge base that becomes widely shared among Field practitioners and observers, and consequently shapes the shared language of the Field.

We serve to complement the work of Amal-Tikva and its flagship program for international volunteers, Embodying Peace, in bringing stakeholders together by introducing methodologies, tools, and resources that build the infrastructure for effective and scalable peacebuilding.

As Amal-Tikva continues to perform the essential work of mapping the Field and assessing its needs, Fieldbuilding visualizes, synergizes and articulates the reality of peacebuilding as an aggregate of concrete steps taken by individuals and initiatives to address the root causes of violence, construct nonviolent alternatives, and make lives under conflict better now.  


The Big Picture: portraits of Field members and of our relationship to one another.


The Foundations: prevailing theories of change and their assumptions.


The Innovative Spirit: alternative theories of change and new pathways for action.


The History: reflections on events that shape our present and influence our future.