Light Field Lab Reveals DefyInteractive Experiences

San Jose, California - February 8, 2023 Light Field Lab®, developers of the SolidLightholographic display platform, today announced it has raised a $50 Million Series B led by global game developer NCSOFT. New investors Corning, Gates Frontier, LG Tech Ventures, NCSOFT, and OTOY are joined by additional participation from current shareholders Khosla Ventures, the venture capital arms of Samsung, Verizon, Bosch, HELLA, Liberty Global, and national technology fund Taiwania Capital. LightField Lab also unveiled Defy experiences, the first of which, Space and Time, allows you to speak and interact with SolidLight holograms. The latest financing will drive the productization of Solid Light systems with implementations across a variety of enterprise and location-based entertainment applications. 

Recently recognized as one of TIME’s Best Inventions, SolidLight is the highest resolution holographic display platform ever designed enabling real digital objects to form in mid-air without headgear. The hardware features self-emissive bezel-less panels that assemble into modular holographic video walls. SolidLight technologies combine to offer a turn-key system solution for a wide range of next-generation experiences. Defy is powered by Light Field Lab’s proprietary real-time WaveTracing software.  

“Light Field Lab is building the future of immersive experiences and we are pleased to support the team in bringing true holograms to life,” said Dr. Songyee Yoon, chief strategy officer, NCSOFT. “Being able to see, deliver and interact with 3D content without any assistive peripheral devices will substantially advance the consumer adoption of SolidLight, not just in the entertainment space, but also the way in which we interact and collaborate through remote technologies.”

“Light Field Lab’s SolidLight technology will change the way people consume content, providing immersive full-sensory holographic experiences that are indistinguishable from reality,” said Dong-Su Kim, CEO of LG Technology Ventures. "Our investment and partnership with Light Field Lab underscores LG’s interest in bringing next-generation displays to market.”

“Defy provides a unique glimpse into our vision of the future where physical people, places and things can be digitally transported with nothing but light,” said Jon Karafin, CEO of Light Field Lab. “We are grateful to be supported by a syndicate of visionary investors and partners on our journey building the holographic future.”

About Light Field Lab, inc.

Light Field Lab’s roadmap of technologies begins with SolidLight holographic displays to seamlessly merge real and virtual worlds together. Light Field Lab is based in San Jose, Calif. and backed by industry luminaries at Gates Frontier and Khosla Ventures, the venture capital and corporate investment arms of market leaders Bosch, Comcast, Corning, HELLA, LG, Liberty Global, NCSOFT, NTT Docomo, OTOY, Samsung, and Verizon, and a prestigious list of venture capital firms including AVG, ACME Capital, R7 Partners, and Taiwania Capital.

Further information about Light Field Lab and the SolidLight platform is available online. You may also connect with Light Field Lab on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.